Page 3 - Man Lookbook AW'18
P. 3

Eras of heritage are rooted deep in the forests

                                                      of Ranthambore. These majestic woods have

                                                       witnessed harmony and balance of life at its

                                                          purest.There is silence and chaos here.

                                                       Stillness of stones and trees full of life reside

                                                     cordially together. In this mystical land where

                                                     tigers, panthers, flying foxes and hyenas live in

                                                       mutual respect of each other, we witness our

                                                               winters unfold before our eyes.

                                                        We’ve handpicked colours of vibrant birds

                                                       and lakes.We’ve printed a few magical tales

                                                       of the forest,and embroidered the heritage of

                                                        age old trees.Wrapped in the soft warmth

                                                        of luxurious silks,we are stringing together

                                                      stories of the majestic wildlife with traditional

                                                                    crafts of Rajasthan.
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