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 “On my travels across the globe,
 especially New York, I’ve noticed
 the lines blur on what is perceived as
 a traditional wedding. Multicultural
 marriages are on the rise, which embrace
 all customs; a marriage may have a
 white wedding ceremony as well a
 traditional Hindu wedding.

 On the insistence of one such elegant
 bride we stepped into the beautiful world
 of designing white gowns. And what
 a joy it has been to work with pristine
 white! The creativity expressed on a pure
 white gown cannot be replicated on a
 traditional red lehenga. The embroidery,
 the cut and the fabric – every detail
 is simple, elegant and exquisite;
 meticulously designed and handcrafted
 with love.”

                   A  MARRIA GE  OF  GL OBAL  S T YLE   &  TRADITIONAL  CRAFT

            The perfect blend of traditional and             Our first ever classic white gown was designed
            contemporary – the sleek silhouettes embellished   almost 5 years ago, and the order queries have
            with motifs inspired by the flowers, songbirds,   never stopped pouring in since. This time, we
            wildlife and ancient palaces of India,           have extended it to 20 limited edition gowns.
            embroidered by hand with pearls, crystals,       The limited edition collection comprises of gowns
            sequins and our signature craft, Gota Patti on   in traditional Indian embroidery and designs;
            rich silks and sheer tulle. Every single gown in this   apt for all occasions. It also features gowns
 ANITA DONGRE, Chief Creative Officer  collection is handcrafted and takes time because   in pastel hues, perfect for a day wedding,
            there are so many people who give it the love    and two cocktail gowns or a glamorous
            and time fashion should deserve.                 evening reception.
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